Congolese Fellowship

Our Congolese Fellowship, known as Christ’s Mission, meets every Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 5pm in the hall. There is an act of worship, teaching and great fellowship.

The fellowship uses the languages of Swahili and Kinyamulenge.

Although most attending are Congolese, many have come from refugee camps in Burundi, as well as from Kenya and Rwanda.

Mary Furaha Nyiramagaju

The choir occasionally sings during the regular morning service. See the Congolese choir sharing a song during a Sunday morning service.

Gutamba masticare memorial

The Fellowship coordinator is Furaha (Mary).

Banyamulenge members of Christ’s Mission are active in seeking justice for the 164 victims of the Gatumba Massacre of Congolese refugees in Burundi on 13th August 2004. A commemoration service was held recently in our Church (see picture right).